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"Perfect Parent"

When you first become a parent you try your hardest to be a “perfect parent.” You want everything to go exactly how you planned for your child. As your kids get older you realize parenting isn’t all about getting everything right. It’s really crazy how we tend to be so hard on ourselves if we mess up or didn’t get something done, but in reality we are true super heroes minus the cape. Sometimes I sit back and I look at my day like wow did I really do all of that in one day. I mean come on parents, we’re lucky if we get a good 6 hours of sleep a day. I’ve personally come to realize that a perfect parent is not what my kids is going to get. I feel one of the most important things a child needs is a present parent. A parent that’s simply there! One that will take 2 to 3 minutes of their time to listen to a silly story, play dress up, or go pssh pssh with an action figure toy. A parent that is there when the child really needs some attention and one that is there every step of the way. I’m my kids number one fan for everything. Also, every child needs a trying parent. I might not be the “perfect” parent, but I definitely try my best. I try to keep a smile on my kid’s faces and make sure they have everything they need. There is nothing like a parent that goes out of their way for their child. I always say when my kids get older I want them to look back and say mama was always there and she tried. There is so many opinions about what a child should have, what they should wear, or what activities they should be in. Every parent can’t afford the same thing. Long as you know you’re giving it your best shot, don’t make the pressure of others make you feel like you doing a poor job. What a lot of people forget to realize, kids don’t ask for all of that extra stuff. In reality all kids want is your TIME and ATTENTION. For mom and dad to be there and that is all. I believe a child also needs a praying parent. One that prays for their well-being and for their protection. I personally wouldn’t be the parent I am today if I wasn’t a praying parent. Prayer have gotten me through a lot of things as a parent. Besides the world we live in today, it’s important that we pray over our kids and teach them to pray. Remember, can’t nobody teach you how to parent your child, but in my opinion as long as you are PRESENT, TRYING, and PRAYING you are doing amazing. Keep being that spark in your child’s eyes! I’M ROOTING FOR YOU!!

"To be in your children's memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today"

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